Please note – cancellation of meeting 28 March

In view of the current government guidelines , the Solihull Caribbean Family History Group have to cancel our March and April meetings.

There will be no meeting on Saturday 28th March or Saturday 25th April

Please check back here for information on future meetings.

Use your time to do your family history research, organise the information you already have and set your goals for this year.

If you have any questions, drop us an email.

Stay safe!



Our next meeting on Saturday 28th March

It was great to see some new attendees at our February meeting.

Welcome to our group and we hope you are inspired to continue on your family history journey.

We look forward to seeing you at our future meetings.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 28th March and will be a talk by Sue Bower on her family history journey in St Vincent.

Come and join us for what will be an interesting and inspiring afternoon



Next meeting of Caribbean Family History Group Solihull

Our next meeting is on

Saturday  29th February 2020

on First Floor, Solihull Core Library, Homer Road, Solihull

at 1.30pm

We will be following on from the last meeting, re-iterating good research practice and setting up a system that can be followed in all your research.

If you are searching for relatives who came from the Caribbean, come along and chat with us and we can get you started on your research.


Useful reminder/tips gained at January meeting in Solihull

Whether you have been researching your family tree for many years or are new to family history, it is always worth reminding ourselves of the fundamental principles of research. Follow the five steps below and you will be heading in the right direction! 

Be organised with your notes. Get yourself a ringbinder and large notebook (hardbacked if possible).  Write in pencil initially. When you obtain copies of certificates, store them in acid free plastic pockets . Come along to our next meeting on Saturday 29th February at Solihull Library Theatre and we will be happy to go through the process with you. Copies of the 6 generation pedigree chart and Family History Group forms are also available at the meeting.

5 Steps of Family History Research

  1. Write down what you Know
  • Search your own memory
  • Ask Family/Friends/Elders
  • Gather Information – family bibles, school records, in homes etc..
  • Write/Record on Family History Forms
  1. Decide what you want to Learn
  • Follow Fundamental Rule of Family History – always start with generation closest to you and work backwards
  • Generate Research Questions/Objectives
  1. Choose a Source of Information – (3 types only)
  • A person
  • A Record/Document (though many different types of these)
  • An Object
  1. Learn from the Source
  • Search the Record
  • Question/Interview the Person
  • Study + Copy from the Object
  • Write down what you learn

 Use the Information

  • Evaluate it
  • Organise it
  • Look for Clues
  • Use it (to add to family tree or use 5 steps again)
  • Share it (with other relatives/researchers etc..)

Most of all – enjoy your research!!



Are you descended from US soldiers stationed nr Wolverhampton during WW2

If you think you may be descended from US soldiers stationed in the Midlands during WW2, please read on. We were passed this interesting information following a family history day held in Wolverhampton in November last year.

“We met at the Wolverhampton History Day on the 2nd November and I told you that there had been American troops stationed in our Village of Claverley in WW2. [1943 – 1944]”

There were two camps: the black soldiers were stationed at Chyknell – a Hall situated about a mile from the centre of the village and the white soldiers were stationed at Gatacre Hall about three miles from the village.

The black soldiers arrived first and were welcomed into the village,  attending dances and the pubs. However, the atmosphere changed when the white Americans troops came and the two groups weren’t allowed in the village together.

Work on the two camps was undertaken and accounts show that the 95th Engineer General Service Regiment [a black unit] completed the majority of this.

The following black units were stationed at Chyknell:

The black troops came from Camp Myles Standish Massachusetts

642nd Quartermaster Troop Transport Company

445th Quartermaster Troop Transport Company

3918th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company

3919th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company

3920th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company

More details of the camp(s) can be found in the following book

The U. S. Army in South- East Shropshire 1944 by Adrian and Neil Turley pub 2004

Thanks to Sue from Claverley Memories for this information.



Next meeting of Solihull CFHG

The next meeting of the Solihull Caribbean Family History Group

is on

Saturday 25th January

at 1.00pm – 4.30pm

at Solihull Core Library, 1st Floor,  Homer Road, B91 3RG

We plan to reinforce good practice – in research and organisation of research and set goals and research plans for the coming year.

We hope to see you all at the meeting.