Coolies of the Guyana

Film: How Britain Reinvented Slavery, BBC, 2005
58min 30sec Dir: Deep Sehgal

You can watch more about the Coolies of the Caribbean in this 2005 BBC documentary, How Britain Reinvented Slavery, which reveals the story of Indian indentured labour in the British Empire. The documentary includes footage of Professor David Dabydeen, whose great-grandfather was an indentured labourer, researching his family history at the National Archives of Guyana.

You can find out more about Guyanese family history from the Guyanese Genealogy Yahoo Group and Guyana/British Guiana Genealogical Society.

More Information:
How Britain Reinvented Slavery

Guyanese Genealogy Yahoo Group

The Guyana/British Guiana Genealogical Society


2 thoughts on “Coolies of the Guyana

  1. Iam from Mauritius and my greatgrandfather embarked from Calcutta.You must go through his birth certificate which has his immigrant number,then search in the archives of Guyana you’ll find his zillah(district) in BIHAR.

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