Normal service will resume shortly…

Normal service will resume shortly…

Welcome to our new visitors. Sorry for the slow updates been snowed under at work. But don’t worry – there’ll soon be posts about the Caribbean Family History Group’s recent visit to the National Archives, the latest developments at the Black Cultural Archives and a DNA special!!!

All will be revealed soon…

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for posts or want to let us know how you’re your family history research is going drop me a line at with Caribbean Family History in the subject line.


2 thoughts on “Normal service will resume shortly…

  1. Hello, I thought I would leave a comment. Your website is an encouragement. I am part of a small group of caribbean family history researchers derived from a pilot course of lessons two years ago instigated by Solihull Borough.

    We meet bi-monthly and travel down to London on the other months (both on saturdays) to do research there. We have been going for about a year now and are just starting the journey of becoming more formalised. The real fun of course though is the research.

    What sort of a group are you; what led you to start and when do you meet?



    1. Thanks Carlston, what a lovely comment.
      We started back in 2007 as a result of some family history workshops programmed by Lambeth Archives. But we’re been kind of inactive over the last 18mths (!!) but we’re trying to get things back on track. So watch this space!!

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