Reflections after Southwark & Croydon family history workshops

Sadly no photo of the group from last Thursday’s event at John Harvard Library in Southwark, but we hope some of you will post your views and some of the lovely photos I caught a glimpse of! In fact, when we started the blog we asked for photos so that we could change the banner every now and then. So please do send them in with a little info about them. The same plea goes out to the group from Croydon Supplementary School, seen here hard at work last Friday:

For those who asked about military records, check our Military section in a day or so – I will upload some links and articles.

On a final note, get down to the family history centre in Kensington. Once you get started you will be hooked!


4 thoughts on “Reflections after Southwark & Croydon family history workshops

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    Author- Gerald A. Archambeau, with my thanks to all for your work.

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