Solihull Meeting @ Solihull Library 2-4pm 29th Jan 2011

The Solihull Caribbean Family History Group, CFHG, will have their next meeting Saturday 29th January at the Solihull Library.

Our Group meeting is set to follow our new format of focusing on:
a) developing research for beginners and those further progressed
b) extending our research skills – researching from the UK
c) Developing a sound knowledge of research approaches/options using the internet and international / on island sources.
So come along at 2pm, Solihull Library, Local Studies Section
The essential agenda is:
  1. Welcome and Update of our activity – including a) Nottingham Exhibition, b) talk in Nottingham on Feb 12th, c) Who Do You Think You Are Live – family history show (recommended attendance for 26th Feb 2011), Update of Microfilm Records coming to Midlands.
  2. Starting/Recording your research – If you have not started your research we will get you started on paper pedigree charts and on computer using PAF (Personal Ancestral File) Family History Software.  Help will be on hand for you.
  3. Extended your use experience and completion of your family tree on PAF – led by Fathia, and supported by others
  4. Internet Researching – Using the internet to become more familiar with websites we know and those that we are new to
  5. Short Presentation by Cynthia McClaren – a new member of our group – on how she got started with the aid of a website showing a good deal of detail of her father on the ship to England.
  6. AOB – Plans for the near future a) working with Newstyle Radio.

It may be that point 1. will fall into AOB if everyone is too engrossed in starting their research.  We will play it by ear.

 A special invite to new members who we met at the Exhibition who have not attended yet.  We do want to help you start your research, but we don’t have the time to do it for you.  However, if you make the time in your diaries and come along, we will help you start.




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