Black History Month Events 2012

Solihull Library – Black History Month Events

Solihull and Birmingham group is engaged in the month events – see accompanying flyer.


One thought on “Black History Month Events 2012

  1. It should be noted that Jamaican born Police Inspector Herbert Theodore Thomas, was the man who fought against Voodoo, called Obeah in Jamaica
    His Pamphlet “Something about Obeah”1891 has been found on this subject at Columbia University Libraries New York, NY 10027 US.Call No. 1341, online catalog. Info for Black History Month-2012. Other books by this author are:”Untrodden Jamaica”1890 & The story of a West Indian Policeman-47 years in the Jamaica Constabulary”1927, in the UK. His info
    now revealed; Google-User Pages Info on Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert T. Thomas, and see his family history for the first time as This white Jamaican did cross the racial divide in Colonial times because he was a real
    human-being, who truly loved his Country Jamaica.

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