Black History Month 2013

Click on the link to our flyer below to see our activities for Black History Month this October 2013.



One thought on “Black History Month 2013

  1. I would like to share my Jamaican family History with Solihull Blogroll in the UK, under Family Histories of Jamaica. My grandfather’s family contribution to Jamaica was significant. However it was erased and buried for decades, until I was helped by UK Military Genealogist Alan Greveson and Madeleine E. Mitchell in the US. This inspired me, along with my mother’s request to reveal the truth about our family. Solihull is welcomed to download this lost history that will be of interest to your UK readers: Google-
    User Pages “Info on Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert T. Thomas”. This is my way of saying “Thanks” to your website at Solihull, for preserving our black history. I am the only son of Phyllis Angela Thomas, and author of “A
    Struggle to Walk with Dignity-The True story of a Jamaican-born Canadian” 2008. Helping to save our history.

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