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For more information about the Caribbean Family History Group please email info@caribbeanfamilyhistorygroup.com

Special thanks to Black Cultural Archives, Jon Newman at Lambeth Archives, Tim O’Dell at Lambeth Libraries, and Charlie North.

10 responses to “About Us

  1. I am searching for my family who arrived in England from the Caribbean about 1805. By 1850 two brothers George and James Michael Charnock were working in Kennington as house painters and decorators. One of these two was the father of Mary Ann Sarbine Middleton/Charnock my great great grandmother. There was also an unmarried sister Mary Ann Charnock who lived in the Kennington area till her death in 1901 and two further brothers John and Joseph who were mariners. Last brother Richard was a schoolmaster in Rochester, Kent. Does any one know of this family. We have been searching for them for a long time.

    • Hello, I research ancestry in my spare time, are you still searching for the relatives you have mentioned? if so please email me and I will take a look at what I can find.

      • Hi Donna
        Well I am only a year late in replying. Sorry! Yes we are still searching, we have a complete blank for the family prior to London in 1796. It is very frustrating!!

        I should be most appreciative for any help with them Kind regards


  2. I am researching the family of my paternal grandmother and have discovered that some of her ancestors were born on St Kitts. I have discovered them in the 1851 England Census for Portsea where I found:
    William COX aged 35 born Avering, Gloucestershire (Police Officer, Rail)
    Matilda COX wife aged 37 born West Indies – St Kitts
    Mary COX daughter aged 3 born West Indies – St Kitts
    William COX son aged 9 born West Indies – St Kitts

    It appears that the family came from St Kitts to England sometime between 1848 and 1851. I would appreciate some advice as to where to go to discover the marriage and births on St Kitts. If possible I would like to discover what William was doing on St Kitts and to discover the ancestory of Matilda.

  3. Hi!
    I was wondering
    If you guys could help me out. I have no idea what to look for in regards to a ancestor who died in jamaica.
    His name was John Mc/MacKenzie, ScottishCaptain from Greenock renfrewshire, Scotland who died 20 January 1821 at Kingston,
    Any help would be great.

  4. I am so excited to find you!! I have been trying to research my Maternal Grandmothers family in Jamaica for years. If anyone has information on a Mr Nathaniel Stines(my GG Grandfather birn approx 1850),his daughter Amy Beatrice Stines Dumont.. Im not sure where to go on here!

    • Hi Nathaniel stines is also my gr-gr grandfather. My grandmother was Mabel Geraldine stines (swaine). I might have a picture of beatrice. I’m on vacation and will be home around 8/6.

      My name is phyllis. Where do you live? I’m on the west coast.

  5. Hi Donna,
    I would love any help with Stines/Dumonts from Jamaica and England

  6. Hi I am researching my family history and have drawn a blank. A relative of mine great great + grandfather, Thomas Ward was buried in Kingston Jamaica on 16 July 1736 (found in record book). I am trying to find out more about him i.e. was he married? did he have children? when did he come to Jamaica? Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Andrew L Goffe

    The caribbeanfamilyhistorygroup website is needed. Please resurrect it!

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