Lambeth Caribbean Family History Group

While Solihull has flourished, Lambeth has withered. However, plans are afoot to revive it. In the meantime the blog posts occassional events of interest in Lambeth.

If you need addition support or information about Caribbean Family History in Lambeth contact:

Kelly Foster


Ayshah Johnston


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  1. Now in its 23rd year, Lambeth Libraries are proud to announce our support for events to celebrate Black History Month 2010. This year we have another exciting array of events and family activities. Most events are free. However to avoid disappointment please book in advance for all events.

    Highlights in Lambeth Libraries this year include a Black History walk around Brixton led by Poet Michael Groce, writers Stephen Bourne and Diana Evans discussing their latest books, plays, film, workshops and so much more. Full details are available at

  2. I live in Canada and I would like to pass on some info to your group in Lambeth UK. Being a proud Jamaican born black man I have chosen to be a Canadian for the rest of my life, only because of what our black politicians have done to Jamaica. When I was sent as a boy from British Jamaica to Canada in 1947, it was like leaving paradise and going to hell. However I did survive fighting all the way as a human-being, for my human rights as a person of color. Canada and the UK have changed for the better over the years, as that is where our true roots are. It is surely not in Africa as some black people think. I can only wish that in my lifetime there was a black run country that I could visit in peace and safety, well I have not found any so far. Most black people don’t like to hear the truth about their history, and only the ones who have to pass through the firers of the old racist America do they achieve true greatness. I have become a successful author by telling my life story to inspire others, to move beyond race so that you can develop the God given talents that we all have to become a positive human being. You may not like what I have to say but you can get the whole true story in my book; “A Struggle to Walk with Dignity-The TRUE story of a Jamaican-born Canadian”ISBN:978-0-
    9784982-0-7. Visit: and click on this title
    with my thanks ,Gerald.

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